Fraley Construction Marketing Celebrates 10 Years in Business

Fraley Construction Marketing celebrated the milestone anniversary of 10 years in business in May 2024.

Brian originally launched Fraley AEC Solutions, LLC to provide marketing services to architecture, engineering, and construction companies in 2014. With over 85 percent of revenue coming from heavy construction clients, it became obvious in 2017 that focusing exclusively on this market made sense, and so Fraley Construction Marketing was born.

It’s been a rewarding journey. Serving an industry you’re passionate about and working with people you enjoy is what every business wants. Our clients have included industry-leading equipment manufacturers and dealers, contractors, and material suppliers.

We’re heading into the tenth year with some momentum. In the second quarter of 2024, we have welcomed three new highway heavy contractor customers.

We’re sincerely grateful for past and current customers, especially those that took a chance on a very lean startup in the beginning. Partnering with some of the best of breed companies in the heavy construction industry continues to be a privilege. Here’s to another 1- years in business!