15 Press Release Ideas for Your Construction Company

When is the last time your construction firm issued a press release? It may seem like small potatoes, but being featured in the right trade magazines on a regular basis can build up your brand and even lead to new business.

Perhaps you’re interested in getting publicity, but not sure what qualifies as newsworthy. Read on. The following is a brief list of some of common occurrences at your firm that would justify a press release.

1. Purchase of New Equipment

Whether you’re a contractor buying equipment or a dealer taking delivery of a new machine, this investment can be newsworthy. Issuing a press release for a single skid steer loader may not be big news, but the acquisition of a larger machine such as a crane, or a piece of specialty equipment like a demolition robot is newsworthy.

2. New Equipment, Technology, Material, or Service

You should send out a press release when you have a new offering to the market, whether it be a new line of equipment, material, technology, or service. Regardless of whether the reader is in the market now, you want them to associate this development with your brand and think of you should the need arise.

3. Hires and Promotions

With all due respect to the field crew, it usually doesn’t make sense to issue a press release for them even though they play a critical role. As a rule, focus on people that deal with outside parties, i.e. project managers, salespeople, marketing/business development, and C-Level employees.

4. Trade Association Involvement

Admittedly, joining a new trade association or serving on a committee or task force aren’t major developments, but they’re worth covering with a short press release. It shows that your company is focused on supporting the industry, which is a message that will resonate with most trade editors.

5. Trade Show Exhibiting and Sponsoring

Is your firm planning to exhibit at an upcoming trade show? If so, send a press release well in advance. And make sure to identify the exact booth number so people know where to find you. You can also issue a press release after the event if that suits you.

6. Speaking at Conferences, Webinars, etc.

Sought after construction pros are often recruited to speak at industry events, but often rely on the association or company hosting the event to publicize it. Don’t. They have many other speakers to promote as well. Get a jump on the competition to show that you have thought leaders sharing knowledge for the good of the industry.

7. Branding Changes

Whether you make a change to your name, logo, or completely rebrand your firm, make sure to issue a press release. You probably made a substantial investment to get it done, so why not wave the flag and get it off to a solid start?

8. Opening a New Location

Always publicize new locations. It shows growth and progress and lets people in that region know you’re open for business. Whether to issue a press release when you close an office is a more complicated question that we’ll address in the future, but generally speaking, it’s not usually a good idea.

9. Contact Information Changes

Send out a press release when you change anything relating to changing the way people contact you. This could be a new address (mailing, P.O. Box, or website), phone or fax number, or a new employee contact.

10. Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions seem more and more common in today’s ever-shrinking construction industry. Because of the complexity and duration involved, you might consider multiple press releases during each stage of the deal. And make sure to draw attention to your new and improved capabilities.

11. New Project Award

It may sound like overkill to send a press release for a project award when you win dozens, if not hundreds, every year. Winning a contract for a parking lot paving project at the local Chick-Fil-A probably isn’t worth covering. Focus on projects that are large, high-profile, unique, or perhaps executed for a big-name client. You might also publicize project awards in markets where you’d like to build your reputation and increase workload.

12. Obituaries

Whether to issue a press release to announce the death of an employee is a very personal decision. If it’s a founder or executive, it’s usually a good idea. If it’s an employee that was killed in a jobsite or shop accident, it’s probably not. Evaluate the pros and cons carefully before acting.

13. Awards and Recognition

What construction firm doesn’t love to one up the competition by touting an award? Whether it be safety, productivity, project, or service-related, get the word out with a press release. And don’t just focus on company awards. Publicize awards your employees receive, too.

14. New or Redesigned Website

You’re spending some cash on the new website so make sure to draw attention to it. Remember that your website is a major priority since it’s the number one place people will visit to learn about your firm in 2018. Close out the press release with the URL address and a call to action asking readers to pay a visit.

15. Publicity in an Important Publication

When you’re firm or an employee is featured in a publication that’s important to your industry, send out a press release. This could be a feature story written about one of your projects, a guest article by an employee, or a company profile, for example. Getting a single mention; however, is not worthy of a press release.

Hit Send on That Press Release

This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of press release ideas, but rather some of the most common newsworthy events modern construction firms will encounter. Public relations is an incredibly cost-effective and powerful way to reach your customers and prospects. Make sure to capitalize on it.

Whether you need help identifying publicity opportunities or writing an actual press release, Fraley Construction Marketing can help. Click here to set up a free consultation.