Heavy Construction Marketing Services

We create content to help heavy construction companies build audiences, leads, and new business. And we do it in a way that no generalist marketing agency match because of an unmatched understanding of this market.

Social Media

Your heavy construction business needs a social media presence. No outside firm can manage it like us because we know the nuts and bolts of your industry, from the equipment, to the work, to the materials, to safety, to the history. We start by working with you to identify the right platforms and building or optimizing your pages. Fraley Construction Marketing will then fully manage your presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. We bring passion, creativity, and heavy construction knowledge to produce content that hits hard. Your accounts will be run in a hands-on fashion, so we'll work together to identify leads and opportunities, or resolve any issues immediately. We will craft a custom monthly package based on number of platforms and frequency of posts. Our long-term strategy is to develop a group of relevant followers that can be converted to customers. Let's turn your social media presence into a lead machine.

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Website Design

You have a lot of options when it comes to creating a website, but it's hard to find a web designer that knows the heavy construction market. Fraley Construction Marketing offers the unique ability to provide a turnkey website with content strategy, website copywriting specific to your industry, creative website design, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our process is collaborative from start to finish. We start the process by identifying the strategy. Is your goal to generate traffic and convert leads, or do you simply want a web presence with information on your firm and its qualifications. Once your site goes live, we provide training on how to keep your content updated.

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Public Relations

We understand how to build your reputation online with effective public relations. It starts with your goals. Do you want to generate new business, raise awareness, roll out a new product or service, or attract qualified employees? We combine your objectives with our knowledge of the heavy construction industry to create communications that get traction. We maintain relationships with editors of leading construction magazines and understand their unique preferences. But we also know how to broadcast your news online. Whether you need a press release, a job story campaign, or a comprehensive public relations campaign, look to Fraley Construction Marketing.

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Job Stories

The job story is a staple for Fraley Construction Marketing. We combine the technical aptitude of an engineer with the creativity of a master storyteller. First, we'll find what makes the story unique, whether it be the equipment, materials, technology, or the work itself. We'll come to your jobsite, interview key employees, photograph work in progress, write a technical story, identify and coordinate publicity with the right heavy construction magazines, and keep you informed as it gets published.

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The structures you build, whether buildings, roads, bridges, and the products you rent and sell, whether construction equipment, concrete, or steel, are the focal point of your marketing efforts. Are you capturing it in the best light with effective construction photography? First we develop a clear understanding of the shots you need and how you plan to use them. All shots are professionally edited as needed to make sure you have optimal quality. There are no games when it comes to ownership. Once you download the images, they belong to you.

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Email Marketing

We can provide email marketing services that increase awareness of your firm and generate leads over time. Whether you need an ongoing eNewsletter or an email blitz, we can find a solution that fits your budget. Fraley Construction Marketing can build templates that fit your brand or even provide turnkey management of your email marketing campaigns. We can help with creating a design that pops, content strategy, writing and editing, and incorporating the best photos. Our philosophy is about attracting and retaining subscribers with helpful and interesting content. Whether you're trying to reach contractors, equipment dealers, or material suppliers, our deep understanding of the heavy construction market gives us the unique ability to communicate with them.

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