Marketing for the Heavy Construction Industry 100% Focus and Bucketloads of Industry Knowledge

100% Heavy Construction Marketing Focus

Fraley Construction Marketing is a content specialist with a complete focus on the “heavy” construction market. In fact, we’re so hyper focused that we don’t even serve the residential construction market. For us, it’s about bringing a deeper level of understanding to your marketing from the equipment to the work.

Communication is the foundation of our services because you can’t write or talk about what you don’t understand. It’s what separates us from the competition.

Social Media

You want an active social media presence but you don't have the time, money, or expertise. We can create and provide turnkey management for your heavy construction company.

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Website Design

Your website is your number one piece of marketing real estate. We combine website and heavy construction expertise to give you the total package.

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Public Relations

Improve your reputation before negative publicity hits. Every piece of content we put out builds your image story by story.

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Job Stories

Job stories work in the heavy construction industry. Let's show your customers how you or your product get results.

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Heavy construction is a visual industry. We know how to make your equipment and people look good on the jobsite.

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Email Marketing

Email is still a great way to reach your audience. Our turnkey services include working with you to create a strategy, creating content, and even sending.

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We Build Your Online Infrastructure

We create marketing content for our heavy construction partners and publish it in all the right places on the internet. Whether it’s your website, social media, email, or trade magazines, we know where it will work best and how to get it there. Like physical infrastructure, it requires construction and ongoing maintenance to deliver maximum results.

Our work is featured in the industry’s most prestigious trade publications!

Not to Brag, But We Work with the Best

We work exclusively with construction equipment manufacturers and distributors; heavy civil, demolition, and building contractors; material suppliers; subcontractors; and construction technology firms. They tend to be industry leaders. This is a good fit for us because we don’t think like a traditional marketing agency. Our approach is not to brag or exaggerate. Instead we focus on explaining how strong products and services work and how they bring value.