Building a Dynamic New Construction Website for Palmetto Gunite

Where do you turn as a specialty subcontractor looking for a new construction website? If you’re like many companies, your options might include an individual that does websites as a side gig, a spam email promising a low-cost website, or a local generalist website designer.

But what if you want a professional website built by a company that truly understands your work, i.e. micropiles, shotcrete, deep foundations, etc.? That’s a hard thing to find.

South Carolina-based Palmetto Gunite Construction Company reached out to UMA Geotechnical Construction Company after admiring its website. Fraley Construction Marketing completed UMA’s website in 2021 and got a solid referral.

Palmetto’s original website was built way back in 2008, and it was done in-house. Like many modern contractors, they recognized that they needed to step up their game online to keep up with the competition. We’re looking forward to giving them a website that reflects Palmetto’s quality and reputation.