Inside Look at How Our Construction Marketing Services are Packaged and Priced

“What kind of construction marketing services do you offer and how do you bill the work?” It’s a common question when we start talks with a new company.

Monthly Retainers: Most customers go with a customized monthly retainer, which is a fixed fee based on the service rendered. This works best with offerings like social media management or ongoing publicity where repetition is required.

Project Basis: Pricing the job per project works best when you have a single need that requires a lot of effort. Websites, job story campaigns, and jobsite photography fall into this category.

Hourly Consultation: This structure is not one we prefer, but will entertain if the circumstances are right. One example was a construction management startup with a tight budget that needed help with marketing strategy in the heavy/civil market. The hourly rate varies based on the type of service required.

Our approach to pricing and offering construction marketing services is straightforward. There is no language in any of our contracts locking customers into long-term arrangements. They can leave at any time. We also focus on avoiding price increases by scoping out work as tightly as possible up front.

We do the work as promised, on deadline, and without the games. Click here to learn more about Fraley Construction Marketing’s services.