Safety, Functionality Issues Drive UMA Geotechnical Website Redesign

Appearance isn’t the only reason a website should be addressed. There are times when it looks presentable, but other issues drive the need for a website redesign. That was the case for our partners at North Carolina-based UMA Geotechnical Construction.

Fraley Construction Marketing was already providing ongoing marketing services to UMA in the summer of 2020, including public relations, email marketing, social media management, and more. The existing website didn’t look bad enough to push for a redesign (even though it didn’t reflect the stature of the company), but a look under the hood revealed more serious problems.

UMA’s website issues were the result of several agencies working on it in previous years and leaving problems unaddressed. For example, there were unused apps and plug-ins slowing the site down and opening it up to attacks from online hackers.

We made a case for the redesign and UMA accepted. Not only did we give them a stunning new website, but we fixed all of the issues from restructuring the navigation to improving its search engine rankings.

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