Why We Redesigned Klover’s Website So Soon

How often should you redesign a website as a heavy construction company? In the case of our repeat customer Klover, Inc., it was less than two years. Why so quickly?

Klover is a Bucks County, Pa.-based prefab supplier and commercial carpentry contractor. The company was thrilled with the new website we turned over in May of 2019, but determined that a revised site architecture and navigation was needed to accommodate its ongoing expansion. As a growing prefab supplier, Klover plans to upload lots of new product documentation in the future.

We salvaged quite a bit and kept the same look and feel, while implementing a more traditional navigation menu, reorganizing content, and adding new sections and pages. A shout out must also be given to Klover’s consultant Panelmet, LLC for serving as our point of contact and helping to organize the massive amount of incoming content.

Klover conducts tours of its high-tech prefab plant in Quakertown, Pa. Click here to watch the virtual plant tour, although we strongly recommend you contact Klover directly for an in-person tour to get the full experience.

See the New Website

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